Louisiana Columbian Squires The Knights of Columbus
2010 - 2011 Award Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2010- 2011 winners!!

Squires Circle Recruiting the most Members
1st Place - Plaucheville Circle
2nd Place - Sulphur Circle
3rd Place - Broussard Circle
Squires Circle of the Year
1st Place - St. Amant Circle
2nd Place - Houma Circle
3rd Place - Youngsville Circle
Squires Choice Project of the Year (*New Award*)
Youngsville Circle- Christmas with the Mentally Challenged
Don Schmidt Memorial Junior Squire of the Year
Dawson Wunstel- Houma Circle
Jarrod Kimble Memorial Senior Squire of the Year (renamed)
Kerry “Tre” Williams III-  New Orleans Circle
Eric Bergman Memorial Chief Squire of the Year
Tyler Alleman- St. Amant Circle
Charles Miceli Memorial Chief Counselor of the Year
Donald Alleman- St. Amant Circle
Squires Senior High School Scholarship
Glenn Gilyot Jr. – New Orleans Circle
Andre Serio – Broussard Circle