Louisiana Columbian Squires The Knights of Columbus
A Message from the State Chief Squire, Mathew Massey

August 1, 2014

Mathew Massey

Worthy State Officers, State Committeemen, Knights and Squires,

Since my election at State Convention I have prayerfully considered my goals for this Fraternal year and have begun working towards them.

First I want to grow our Squire Circles, but not just in number. I want to inspire increased activity of our current members. One way we will be working toward this goal is with the four Columbian Squires Leadership Seminars that will be held in August. I will be attending three of the CSLS events and look forward to meeting more of our Squires across the state.  I will also be attending as many other Squires events as possible.  That includes not only state planned events, but also any requests by individual circles for me to attend events. To keep all Squires updated on the activities of their Chief Squire, I will be updating my address on the website monthly and will be putting information about my activities as your State Chief in our Pulse newsletter.

My second goal is to continue to cultivate a close relationship between the Squires and the Knights.  I have been actively working toward this goal since my election.  I gave a speech at the State Family meeting of Knights of Columbus officers in Baton Rouge and I also spoke at the Knights of Columbus Leadership Seminar in Geismar.  Between my speeches and the presentation that was given on the Squires program by Mr. Kerry and Tre Williams, there has been an increased interest and support by many Knights for the Squires program. In the coming months I will continue working on these two goals and hope to serve you well this Fraternal Year.



Mathew F. Massey
State Chief Squire