Louisiana Columbian Squires The Knights of Columbus
A Message from the State Chief Squire, Mathew Massey

July 1, 2014

Mathew Massey

Worthy State Officers, State Committeemen, Knights and Squires,

As the newly elected Louisiana State Chief Squire I am excited to begin this new fraternal year and introduce myself to you.  I am Mathew Massey from Circle 5346 at St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Houma, Louisiana.  I have grown in my faith and developed leadership skills during my two years as Notary of my Circle, and the past year I served as State Sentry.  I am also a past Jr. Squire of the Year award winner. I find joy in serving my community and the church in many activities, including being an Altar Server. I am blessed to be homeschooled, along with my sister and two brothers, and will be in 7th grade this new school year.

Since my election at the Squires State Convention on June 1st, I have thought and prayed about the goals for this fraternal year.  I have two goals for the Squires this year: 1) I want to grow our Circles, not just in number, but also to inspire increased activity of our current members. 2) I want to continue to cultivate a close relationship between the Squires and the Knights.  I have many ideas on how to accomplish these goals, but the first step will be to attend as many Knights of Columbus and Squires events as possible.

These goals will be in mind during the Squires State Planning Meeting which will be held on July 27th.  During this meeting we will be planning state wide events that focus on the building of fraternity among the squires and the service of our community. We will also be holding Columbian Squires Leadership Seminars (CSLS) during the month of August in four locations: New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Alexandria.  These seminars are meant to inspire and guide our squires, working toward one of my main goals.

In closing I ask you to walk along side me this year and to keep not only me, but all Squires and the Knights who work closely with us, in your prayers.



Mathew F. Massey
State Chief Squire