Louisiana Columbian Squires The Knights of Columbus
A Message from the Squires Chairman, Kerry Williams, Jr

September 1, 2014

Most reverend Clergy members, Worthy State Officers, Worthy State Family Members, and Brother Knights,

George S. Martin

Happy Labor Day!

I truly hope this message finds you and your families well on this holiday!  As I reflect on my first sixty days as your Squires Chairman I’ve realized there is not enough time in a day.  Some would say that I have some lofty goals for the Squires program. I was taught to have a passion for your purpose; that whatever you do in life, always plan and prepare.  Do everything to the best of your ability, outwork everyone, and leave it better than you found it.  The last sixty days have been very exciting and very informative for our team. We reached the goals that were set for the first sixty days. 

The state circle has been accessible and accountable.  We have increased awareness and enthusiasm about the program.  We are more organized to handle the workload that comes with becoming a more effective State Circle and improving our communication with councils and circles statewide.  Our state Officers have been accountable starting with our leader, State Chief Squire Mathew Massey.   I am also very pleased with our State Committeemen.  I appreciate their acceptance of extra duties in service to the Squires and the TEAM.  I want to thank the Louisiana Knights of Columbus State Council Officers for all their support and encouragement.  Our State Deputy Vernon Ducote’s motto, “stronger together” epitomizes what our Squires family is all about.  We are FAMILY and we are a TEAM! (Together Everyone Achieves More).

Still, we can do better and we must because our children’s future depends on it.  Their Knighthood is at stake!  Squires becoming Knights is essential to the success of the order.  Many Knights fail to grasp the importance of this transition. We must continue to make the point that the Squires program is paramount to the success and preservation of the Knights of Columbus.

I would be remiss in acknowledging successes without also looking at missed opportunities.  I am making a commitment to do better and I am challenging everyone on my TEAM to do better as well.  Joaquin Bacardi once said, “We should value our impact not by its present value but by its future value.”   We have an extraordinary opportunity to assist Squires to become members of the Knights of Columbus. We can only do that through hard work and consistent effort.  Remember, the boys are watching everything we do. They are constantly learning and evolving.  Let’s be the best example of what Knighthood is all about.  We create our future by doing God’s Work and serving others because we are God’s Work!


Kerry T. Williams, Jr
State Squires Chairman