Louisiana Columbian Squires The Knights of Columbus
A Message from the Squires Chairman, George Martin

July 1, 2013

Worthy State Officers, Clergy Members, State Family Members, and Brother Knights,

As we finish our 2012-2013 fraternal Year and start our new fraternal year, we must take the time to thank God for watching over us and

George S. Martin

guiding our young men to become great Catholic Leaders of tomorrow. We want to thank the Councils and Counselors who work hard to support this great youth program year round. We have completed
another year of growth as he finish with a positive in membership for the first time in 4 years and look forward to exceeding these numbers next year.

Our only down fall is that we had 75 Squires turning 18 years of age and only one becoming a Knight. We need Councils to work with these Circles and recruit these trained leaders. The most important thing to remember about these Squires becoming Knights is that you must fill out the Form 100 properly. Squires are assigned a membership number at Supreme. Write that number under membership number on the form, check the box Juvenile to Adult, and check the box if he was a Squire, and check yes. All other information needs to be filled out as normal. He does not have to be voted on to become a Knight. Properly fill the form, get him to his 1st Degree, and fax his form into Supreme. Help us increase our membership with trained Catholic Leaders!

This year’s State Squires Convention was held this past June in Houma, La. We had a great meeting, prepared for next year’s events, had elections, handed out awards to a very deserving Counselors, Squires, and projects, and held an initiation of new Squires. We had an opportunity to take a Swamp Tour with a Brother Knight in between our business meeting and our Mass. It opened the eyes of these young men and Counselors as to how our heritage lives off the land.

Please help me congratulate our newly elected State Squire Officers for the upcoming fraternal year. State Chief Squire- Dylan Barrios- Houma, Deputy State Chief Squire- Kyle Williams- New Orleans, State Bursar- Nicholas Gerald- Broussard, State Notary- Kameron Williams- New Orleans, State Marshal- Kristopher LeBlanc- Carencro, and State Sentry- Matthew Massey- Houma. I look forward to working with these young men as they work hard to be better than last year. Listed below are our award winners. If you like what you see, or what you hear about our Squires Program, go to louisianasquires.org and contact us to start a Squires Circle.

Look for our link for the first ever Squires App in the world. Tre Williams is in the final stages of setting this up for easier access to our Squires! Squires Circle of the Year: 1st Place - Broussard Circle #4444- Broussard, LA; 2nd Place - Manual Joseph Mayers Circle #2558- Gonzales, LA; 3rd Place - St. Anthony of Padua Circle #5346 - Broussard, LA Squires Choice Project of the Year: 1st Place- Manual Mayers Circle #2558- Gonzales, LA; 2nd Place- Broussard Circle #4444- Broussard, LA; 3rd Place- St. Anthony of Padua Circle #5346 - Houma, LA. 9 Don Schmidt Memorial Junior Squire of the Year; Matthew Massey- St. Anthony of Padua Circle #5346 - Houma, LA. Jarrod Kimble Memorial Senior Squire of the Year (renamed); Corey Alleman- Manual Joseph Mayers Circle #2558 - Gonzales, LA. Eric Bergman Memorial Chief Squire of the Year: Tre LeBlanc- Father Roy Edwards #5530- Houma, LA. Charles Miceli Memorial Chief Counselor of the Year; Chris Fruge- Broussard Circle #4444- Broussard, LA. Squires Senior High School Scholarship; Michael Richard – Father Roy Edwards Circle #5530 - Carencro, LA.

Vivat Jesus!

George S. Martin
Louisiana State Squires Chairman